Saturday, 30 April 2011

'Mutant Moments: The Truly Terrible Tale Of Lancelot Blowerlott' storyboard.

Magic Mushroom

   Here's the rough sketch and finished comic strip i did for  the quarterly supplement 'La Petite Gazette De L'Insolite: Fantaise' which appears in French comic 'Spirou'.

   This particular issue had a fantasy theme running through it, so i opted for a Red Riding Hood-esque girl out a picking mushrooms merrily in an enchanted wood setting and getting more than what she bargained for, but then you would wouldn't you, if you went mushroom picking a merrily in an enchanted wood?!

'Kid Cole & Klay' Post-It Doodles # 1 Sea Creature

   Here's some doodles i did for Pete Candeland's 'The Amazing Adventures Of Kid Cole & Klay' which is a homage to old 50's horror/sci-fi movies. The synopsis of the story is ...shipping lanes are being terrorized by some sea creature, particularly cargo ships carrying vast amounts of tinned baked beans. I went off on a tangent and doodled creatures in the vein of 'Creature from The Black Lagoon' which wasn't what Pete was after at all, he wanted a more gigantic octopussy type of monster.

A sea creature with breathing apparatus, swimming costume and goggles, whoever heard of such a thing?!

This one is just silly!!!

So is this!!!!

Friday, 29 April 2011

Les Nouveaux Albums DupUis #2

Here's another illustration i did for 'Spirou', this time for the 2010 Autumn edition, while one squirrel gathers his nuts the other gathers the new collection of DupUis books...

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Mutant Moments

In early 2009, while at Cartoon Network Development Studio Europe I finally managed to get my 'Mutant Moments' short realised, it's basically a 'Tales From The Crypt' for kiddies, cautionary tales ala Brothers Grimm meets Roald Dahl if you like, with lots and lots of dripping heart, ...or in this particular vingette lots of dripping undigested food!

In 'Mutant Moments' we would venture to the ramshackle abode of raconteur extraordinaire Dr. Frenzy, where he with the aid of his detachable even more wizzened other self Itchy, would embark on a different hilariously grisly goose-bump inducing story every week.

It proved very successful with the kids in a focus group which was held in May 2009...(i think it was May, could it have been June...???) anyway, they all loved it and were really into it, the only comment was 'it could be a little bit more scary', and that came from a little girl! Hurray i thought, I agree completely!!! I'd love it to be that little bit more scary...

...sadly, the powers that be at Cartoon Network failed to see the potential in the show and decided to pass on it, not only this, they then delivered me a double whammy and promptly informed me they were going to ditch me from the development studio too!

Anyway, a big thanks to all those who worked really hard on it, you all know who you are!

I'll be posting more 'Mutants' artwork up in the following weeks, when i locate my external hard drive that is... it's in a box i used to clear my desk out at Cartoon Network, i think it's up in the attic somewhere...only, i think i just heard something moving about up there? Maybe i'd better go and check it out...

Mutant Moments