Monday, 3 September 2012

'Choco-Pic' Little Pico Colour Concepts

Choco-Pic Little Pico's, Choco-Pic Little Pico's....try saying that a few times after you've had five vodka tonics. Digital.

Trolls and Goblins

I do like doodling Goblins and Trolls. Some are rougher than others.  
I was going to just load the black and white scribbles but then decided to tart them up a tad. Pilot drawing pen, digital wash.

I think the Troll with the twig on his head looks as though he may reek horribly. 

These look ripe too! 

'Tron Uprising' ...coming soon.

   From early 2010 till October 2011 I got to do design work on Disney's 'Tron Uprising'. There's a ton of stuff  to sort through and once i have it gathered I'll be posting a selection. The show aired on US tv screens June 2012 to really good reviews, I believe there is a break in it's screening schedule, it's back on screens mid October.

   Watch this space...