Monday, 3 September 2012

'Choco-Pic' Little Pico Colour Concepts

Choco-Pic Little Pico's, Choco-Pic Little Pico's....try saying that a few times after you've had five vodka tonics. Digital.

Trolls and Goblins

I do like doodling Goblins and Trolls. Some are rougher than others.  
I was going to just load the black and white scribbles but then decided to tart them up a tad. Pilot drawing pen, digital wash.

I think the Troll with the twig on his head looks as though he may reek horribly. 

These look ripe too! 

'Tron Uprising' ...coming soon.

   From early 2010 till October 2011 I got to do design work on Disney's 'Tron Uprising'. There's a ton of stuff  to sort through and once i have it gathered I'll be posting a selection. The show aired on US tv screens June 2012 to really good reviews, I believe there is a break in it's screening schedule, it's back on screens mid October.

   Watch this space...

Friday, 31 August 2012

'Choco-Pic' Little Pico's

Here are some rough doodles i did for a Be Animation 'Choco-Pic' commercial, these are in fact mini-Pico's. There is a normal size Pico, about kiddie height if you want to go into specifics and do not wish to confuse matters. These are a teenie-weenie Oompa Loompa-ish version of Pico who live in the Choco-Pic factory and make all of the delicious chocolate. There's loads of them apparently, seriously. I think the factory is up in Milton Keynes somewhere, I jerk your chain not!

The client found them a little bit too out there, a bit too wacky??? Restraint if anything! If you want wacky, I'll give you wacky, don't tempt me!!! Pilot drawing pen.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

'Spirou' Vampire Hunter Roughs

Roughs for the upcoming 'Spirou' Vampire Hunter article. I'll post the finished coloured art once the isssue is published. Pilot drawing pen.


More rough designs for Charlie Bean's 'Cosmo' ...(another possible show Cartoon Network Europe chose to pass on). I have a couple of external hard drives and i just keep finding more and more designs for this show, where will it all end, who can say? These in particular were designs i did for possible Mothership ideas, ranging from oooh state of the art shiny, to buckets and bolts pieces of space crap! Oh Charlie Bean you rascal where are you? You don't write, you don't phone, you don't send me flowers...etc...etc...

'Mutant Moments' Posters

I worked for Cartoon Network Development Studio Europe for three years as a development artist, while there i worked on a smorgasboard of different projects. Eventually in 2009 I was given the opportunity to work on my own show idea 'Mutant Moments'

Here are some posters i rustled together for advertising purposes to promote it at a Cartoon Network focus group. For those not in the know about focus groups; basically you get a wagon load of kids and get them to sit and watch your animated pilot and get feedback. A terrifying prospect! 

All of the kids gave great feedback and were really into the whole thing, they even insisted it could have been that teeny-weenie more scarier! Hurray I thought, I really couldn't have wished for a better response, what started off to be a daunting experience turned out to be a really positive and exciting one. Things look good...screech-halt!!! Jump ahead half a year later, Cartoon Network decided to pass on the project and drop me also. Thank you recession and an outstanding lack of vision ...sigh! 
Happy days? Digital.

'Verne On Vacation' Island Monster

Here are some doodles and scribbles i did for the very talented Monsieur Sylvain Marc. 'Verne on Vacation' (Cartoon Network) is all about a young boy who travels about on a floating island with his Grannie, a mechanical pig and Merman encountering all sorts of crazy adventures. In the pilot he discovers an island inhabited by tiny creatures who are being terrorized by an enourmous big-bad-tempered tomato mountain creature who wears Y-fronts! 

Some doodles are rougher than others, I have a tendancy to scribble with a Pilot drawing pen on anything that comes to hand, envelopes, scraps of paper, you name it, i'll scribble on it! I intend to do a couple of worked up coloured versions, when they are done i'll post them also. The first sheet of designs are the closest to the final chosen creature design, the ones below which were more along a Bigfoot type creature were unused. 

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

'Kubus' Bear concept rebranding.

A few unused design concepts I did for Be Animation for the rebranding of the 'Kubus Bear'. *Breifing; client wants something a bit different. When the clients see the redesigned bear concepts they freak out slightly and ultimately decide it's a bit too different and think it best to stick with the old design...yawn! Digital.

Rough Joanie ('Cosmo') Expressions...

Joanie is the young sister of Cosmo, towering in at a staggering 6 feet tall she's a bit of a gigantic girl. She has an ever so teeny-weeny child like brain, but woe betide anyone who upsets her, she has the strength of a cosmic-elephant and she'll knock seven shades of you know what out of you without hesitation! Here are some rough expression sheets i did for her. Great fun!

It's been a while...

I'm just saying, it's been a while...!
*Note to self, must try harder, and will!
Lots of new art to post, when i get around to it! A little too engrossed with the 2012 London Olympics, did i just write that? yes, I just did, and I am! What on earth has happened to me? I'm watching just about everything (except football/soccer that is, you have to draw the line somewhere), i'm engrossed, it's official!
I've just been watching dainty horses prancing about followed by girls in leotards cavorting on  high beams??? Utterly amazing!!!