Thursday, 30 August 2012

'Verne On Vacation' Island Monster

Here are some doodles and scribbles i did for the very talented Monsieur Sylvain Marc. 'Verne on Vacation' (Cartoon Network) is all about a young boy who travels about on a floating island with his Grannie, a mechanical pig and Merman encountering all sorts of crazy adventures. In the pilot he discovers an island inhabited by tiny creatures who are being terrorized by an enourmous big-bad-tempered tomato mountain creature who wears Y-fronts! 

Some doodles are rougher than others, I have a tendancy to scribble with a Pilot drawing pen on anything that comes to hand, envelopes, scraps of paper, you name it, i'll scribble on it! I intend to do a couple of worked up coloured versions, when they are done i'll post them also. The first sheet of designs are the closest to the final chosen creature design, the ones below which were more along a Bigfoot type creature were unused.